29 Years Later, AirLife Once Again Begins Patient Service – Farther North

May 9, 2012

On May 9, 1983, a Bell 206 Long Ranger helicopter carried AirLife flight nurses to Durango, Colorado on their first

AirLife’s first flight team

medical mission.  In that first year, the small inception team completed 207 patient transports… beginning what would become decades of service to the communities throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Today that legacy continues and expands as a fourth helicopter base begins patient service based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  In a new partnership between HealthONE – the largest health care system in the metro Denver area – and Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, AirLife brings its resources and expertise in air medical and critical care transport to the expanded regions to the north.

Twenty-nine years later, while the hairstyles are somewhat different and our helicopters now sport a sonic green color instead of blue and white stripes… our mission and commitment to our customers and patients remain steadfast and strong.  We look forward to this new expansion and partnership with excitement, honor and readiness to serve the northern communities.

AirLife | 2011


It’s Been a Very Good Year

December 31, 2011

We’re all doing it – looking back over the last 365 days and wondering a few things:

How in the world did they go by so fast?

Did I ever think we’d get through it?

How long until I get used to writing/typing 2012?

We at AirLife Denver are engaged in the same mental throes, as well as realizing what a truly epic year it has been for our program.  Here are just a few remembrances from the last year…

  • Through a fiscal year spanning through 2010 and most of 2011, AirLife Denver had the distinction of being named the International Air Medical Program of the Year by Association of Air Medical Services.  This honor was shared and was a direct result of cooperation and support by all EMS colleagues and agencies with which we work on a daily basis.
  • AirLife Denver welcomed our survey from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), resulting in our renewed accreditation through March 12, 2014.  For those of you who go through the survey process, it is a fairly involved span of days requiring presentation, polish and poise, all of which our fine staff and crew provided famously and without fail.
  • With the inception of Access HealthONE, the new 24/7 access and transfer service of the HealthONE system of hospitals, AirLife Denver joined forces with this new department to occupy improved offices in the existing Medical Center of Aurora-North campus medical office buildings.
  • With the move of AirLife Administration to Aurora, AirLife Dispatch and our Communication Specialists acquired a new center of operations for our 24/7 services and communication with regional agencies and crews.
  • To further improve response times and service for more remote transports, AirLife implemented a fixed wing base – in partnership with International Jet Aviation – at Centennial Airport.  Our crews and fixed wing pilots are able to get off the tarmac within minutes of receiving a call.
  • The addition of paramedics to AirLife Denver flight teams was implemented, adding expanded knowledge, expertise and service potential to each transport we answer.
  • Toward the end of 2011, HealthONE and AirLife Denver were pleased to announce a new partnership with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center which will result in an additional base of operations located in Cheyenne starting in 2012.  This new expansion and partnership will ensure rapid response and care for residents living in more rural areas of AirLife Denver’s service area and the communities surrounding Cheyenne.

These are but a few milestones in a year chock full of growth, improvement and connections both old and new in the EMS community of the Rocky Mountain region.  We can hardly imagine how a new year could bring more than what we have experienced in 2011… yet we know 2012 will surpass any expectations we may have.  We hope you join us for the next 24/7/365!


Annual Airlife Memorial Run Replenishes the Spirit

May 9, 2011

Loss of friends and family is one of the most devastating of life events. The Airlife Denver Family is certainly no stranger to this kind of loss. In December of 1997, an entire Airlife Denver flight crew, as well as their patient, was lost in a horrific helicopter crash that occurred as they were leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident.  It was out of this devastation and loss that something wonderful was born.

Friends of Airlife, a non-profit foundation, came to life shortly after this tragedy. The foundation was formed as a way not only to preserve the memory of those killed on that winter night, but to continue reaching out with the same passionate spirit of our fallen friends.  Through generous donations, the foundation provides free continuing education to regional EMS providers, and also provides support and assistance to EMS and their families during their darkest hours.   

Each May, under the beautiful Colorado sun, we come together at Hudson Gardens & Events Center in Littleton, Colorado. Near the site of the fatal crash, we celebrate the memory of our fallen friends and recognize exemplary service of our EMS peers.  The Annual Airlife Memorial Run/Walk is a poignant yet fun filled day for the entire family.  It is a time to recharge our hearts, meet new friends and remember those who no longer spread their wings by our sides. 

The day begins with a brief ceremony in memory of our fallen colleagues. In addition, there are several athletic endeavors including:  5k and 10k runs, a 5k walk, and a kids FREE fun run! Not a runner? Then come for the rest of the fun!

Come see an impressive array of Fire and Emergency Response equipment from across the region, including helicopters from Airlife Denver!  Come to enjoy the serenity of the beautiful gardens or free your inner child as you frolic amidst the abundant activities provided for your family’s entertainment.  A climbing wall, face painting, an obstacle course and a volleyball tournament are just a few of the enticing attractions at the event!!  There is definitely fun for all!  

For further information about this event, or to register for one of the run/walks or the volleyball tournament, please visit www.airlifedenver.com.  We are also on a quest for ever more volunteers, so if you have helping hands please register to be the power behind this year’s event!

Remember, dogs rule!!!  But there are dog rules…. Please leave Fido at home, dogs are not allowed in Hudson Gardens, thank you. Strollers, on the other hand, are welcome and encouraged!

~ by Tate Ulrich RN, BSN, CEN- Airlife Denver


It’s About The Experience- This Quarter’s Featured Crew Member

March 31, 2011

We have a fresh face in our It’s About The Experience page.  Keep up with getting to know the amazing (& diverse!) individuals which populate the AirLife Denver teams!


It’s About The Experience

December 15, 2010

As we are about to enter a new year, AirLife Denver realizes our success as the premier emergency transport of HealthONE, the Rocky Mountains and surrounding states/regions is built upon experience.  What does this mean?  It could point to the experience and expertise of our medical crews and staff.  It could correspond to the experiences of our patients and their families as we assist them through critical episodes and survival.  It sometimes comes back to the relationships we have with each other as a full staff of individuals, each with our own contributions and dynamics, as we experience each day of serving our community together.

At AirLife Denver, it IS about the experience.  Join us as we bring you information and points of interest about the people who comprise the Air Medical Program of the Year in our new feature:  It’s About The Experience.  Enjoy!



October 11, 2010

Each year, several hundred air medical programs operate internationally in life-saving efforts for their surrounding communities.  Thousands of emergency medical professionals, pilots, communication specialists and administrative staff work together on a daily basis to serve their patients – rural and urban, all sizes and ages, any physical malady imagineable – to keep them safe and healthy with speed on their side. 

AirLife Denver

Among all of these exemplary agencies, AirLife Denver is both humbled and honored to receive a special distinction in the area of air medical transport.  AirLife Denver has been selected by the Association of Air Medical Services as the Air Medical Program of the Year.  As the emergency and critical care transport service of the HealthONE system of hospitals, AirLife Denver is entering its 28th year of service and has completed over 45,000 missions to-date. 

From our first year of service in 1983, we have grown from 8 nurses to a total staff of over 100: nurses (Primaries, HROBs and Neonatal), respiratory therapists, neonatal nurse practitioners, communication specialists, pilots, emergency medical technicians and administrative personnel.  AirLife has also pioneered air medical service in the Rocky Mountain region by developing specialty teams for specific medical transports:  Neonatal teams, High-Risk Obstetrical teams, Stroke teams, IABP teams and our Primary Nurse  teams. 

AirLife makes SAFETY our #1 priority and focus through investment into night vision goggles, terrain awareness warning systems, improved patient loading systems and, of course, our bright sonic-boom green color scheme on our vehicles and aircraft! 

AirLife Helicopters, Lear 31s, CCT Ambulances

Watch for AirLife's green in the skies and on the ground!

This award is a prestigious honor to bestow upon any program, but AirLife Denver receives it with great humility as we fully realize this award is not just for our program our our people, but also for the amazing agencies and colleagues we work with day-to-day to service the Rocky Mountain communities.  Every single nurse, EMT, doctor, firefighter, police officer and agency representatives make this award possible.  We share this award with each and every associate, as well as each patient, who has shared this journey with AirLife through the years and on every transport we do.  AirLife would like to specifically thank our HealthONE facilities and partners, as well as our service partners:  Air Methods Corporation (our helicopter operators), International Jet Aviation (our fixed-wing operators) and Rural|Metro Association (our ground ambulance operators).

AirLife Denver currently has personnel and aircraft/vehicles based at Swedish Medical Center, Sky Ridge Medical Center, Medical Center of Aurora – North, Presbyterian-St.Luke’s Medical Center and Frederick-Firestone Fire Station #2.  For more information about AirLife Denver, please visit our website – and we always invite you to visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter

Thank you to all for your support and look for us in your skies!


AirLife is part of a ONEderful System

September 15, 2010

Did you know AirLife Denver is THE emergency transport service for the HealthONE system of hospitals, facilities and medical treatment centers throughout the Rocky Mountain region?  We even have our own page on the HealthONE website!  Take a look…

Exciting times are always ahead, and AirLife is a proud part of HealthONE’s success and positive impacts on our surrounding communities.  To find out more about AirLife’s mission, outreach and services, check out the AirLife Denver website.  (Psssst, you can also find out how to follow/”like” our fellow HealthONE facilities/partners!)